Leaky Roof? We Can Handle the Repairs

If there's a water stain on your ceiling, that probably means your roof is leaking. Don't panic - C&H Roofing can solve your problem. We make roof leak repairs in National City and the San Diego, CA area.

You can trust us to repair leaks in any type of roof, including tile roofs. We'll take before and after pictures so you can track our progress. Reach out to us right away for roof repairs that will protect your property from further damage.

What's causing your roof leak?

You can depend on our professional roofers to identify the source of your roof leak and patch it up. Your roof may be leaking because:

The roofing materials are old and decayed.

The chimney's joints are deteriorated.

Shingles are missing from the roof.

We guarantee that your roof won't leak for two years after we're done with our repairs. We fix roof leaks right the first time.

Contact us now to schedule service, and we'll make your roof as good as new.

Serving National City and San Diego, CA